Our Story

…”Tasty and delicious,”… “soft-n-moist”… GF Precinct has an established reputation for baking fresh, gluten free bread daily for those with funny tummies. We now boast a wider following in the community, appealing to non-celiacs who rave on, tucking into our nutritious breads laden with taste, texture, easy to digest; MUST TRY, is the feedback.

Our gluten free fresh bread, baked daily in a purpose built production unit, is delivered within hours to our customers on the day. At GF Precinct we routinely nurture and promote innovation, instilling a culture that creates exciting new breads & products.

In just over just over four years, GF Precinct has successfully convinced discerning customers with their range of premium products that health is important and great bread is the result of constant research and sourcing the very best ingredients available.

We believe in working with challenging new recipes and flours with different flavours, resulting in a boutique range of breads with health benefits that stay perfectly fresh toasted or frozen.


All our breads are handcrafted in our gluten-free bakery.


About Us

Our dedicated team tirelessly trial new recipes, creating premium products, enticing discerning Foodies, even those without food allergies! All our baked goods are handcrafted in our purpose built gluten free bakery. We have gone to great lengths in sourcing home grown Australian Chia, Buckwheat and Besan flour that are stone-ground locally. And, of course, we don’t use additives, preservatives or pre mixes.

Ian Martin, co-founder and a fourth generation artisan baker recalls, “I’m inspired by my Swiss great-grandfather and grandfather who baked from ‘clean’ recipes, using only fresh ingredients, a traditional value that has stood the test of time!” Ian is passionate about artisan baking and is a dedicated Foodie. If there is anywhere new in town to taste, try and test… just ask Ian, “Where…?”

Patience and commitment pays dividends. Back in 1991 Ian, an award winning baker, dabbled with the notion of baking gluten free bread as well as sourdough bread. When an opportunity arose, Ian worked his way through England and Europe, honing his artisanal skills. Ian thrived in creating new breads for international markets. With his extensive experience in the baking industry, Ian has succeeded in presenting a portfolio of gluten free bread full of flavour without wheat or the use of a sourdough starter.