As artisan bakers, we believe in producing breads that are delicious, healthy, natural & as fresh as possible! All our breads are handcrafted within our gluten-free bakery; ensuring that there is no cross-contamination from any products with gluten! Our breads are made from scratch, from our very own flour mixes & recipes.

How we bake

At GF Precinct, our team of passionate artisan bakers focus on baking from clean recipes, and armed with a lean startup, are proud to have transformed gluten free bread into an agile, health based, delicious product everyone’s talking about.

We are not afraid to introduce innovative products that customers actually want, breaking down barriers, replacing pre mixes with locally sourced ingredients, moulding each hand made loaf… with TLC…

Through a process of analysis, we have changed the traditional perception of gluten free bread. Word in the market, among fussy eaters, is that “GFP” is a premium brand, indeed, it’s been named:

…” The best gluten free bread”…

Products & Ingredients